Hi guys,

I was looking into registry changes that impact (de)activating deleting the browse history on exiting the browser, specifically, Internet Explorer.

It seems like Microsoft doesn’t really write these settings to the registry by default, or at least not in the current user section of the registry. The only key I found in some occasions was the key to enable or disable it but never the settings to specify what kind of data should be removed.

After looking around for quite a while and testing over and over again with procmon (Process Monitor from sysinternals), this is what I came up with :

To enable it :

To disable it :

Now here come the different options that you can change :

I tried making every item as clear as possible by giving it the description from the Internet options window in the comments of my reg file.

The reg file (shown just above this text) shows the default settings on this subject. Change what’s necessary.

I’ve tried this on IE9, IE10 and IE11. I don’t know if this is compatible with IE8 or older.

If you want to use any of these pieces of “code”, create a blank txt file and save it with the extention .reg to make it work, then paste the code you need 🙂

PS: I’m only sharing my own findings. I’m not going to give any support if you want to use these by yourself.

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