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It seems like there are still alot of people struggling with wordpress security.
There are some easy tips to help you prevent hackers gaining access to your wordpress website.

  • This is the easiest tip and the one you should always follow:
    That is the first username most hackers will try as it is the most common one. If you did do that, there are lots of guides and even plugins to help you change it.
  • Hiding the version of your wordpress website can make it harder for a hacker to know what kind of exploit (s)he should use to gain access to the system.
    Because wordpress is an opensource system, everyone can look at the code, and so can every hacker. If they find a weakness in a wordpress version and they can read the version from your website, it’s easier to know which websites to attack.
    Add the following few lines of code to the end of your functions.php file so that hackers can’t see the version of wordpress that you’re using:

  • By disabling the file editor built into wordpress, a hacker can’t use that method to add code to alter your website.
    Add the following line at the end of your wp-config.php file to prevent files being changed if a hacker would gain administrator access:

  • Use a decent security plugin. Even a free security plugin can make a big difference.
    I would recommend using either iThemes Security or WordFence.Both have various options to tighten security like bruteforce prevention, malware scanning, … and help you prevent your wordpress website from being taken over by hackers.
    The first tip in this article is a feature in both these security plugins, but I’ve noticed that after updating the plugin there are some instances where this feature broke the theme. That’s why I do it with my own function.
    They both also have premium features, but you are not required to pay for the basics 🙂

These are only 3 simple things to help you out a bit. This doesn’t mean that suddenly your website can’t be hacked, but it will make it alot harder.

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